Mai/juin 2017 : articles intéressants sur la situation au Kurdistan

Quelques liens vers des articles ou infographies intéressants sur la situation du Kurdistan dans ses 4 parties. Ils ne reflètent pas nécessairement la position des AKB.

2017 06 28 ANHA Lebanese woman married to IS mercenary tells her story
2017 06 28 ANF Here is Erdoğan’s plan to invade Efrîn
2017 06 26 ANF Efrîn will duly respond to the invaders
2017 06 22 ANF Turkey and Syria prepare for an embargo and attack on Rojava
2017 06 22 Al Monitor Ankara sends reinforcements into northern Syria
2017 05 27 The Economist Turkey’s president had a bad NATO summit, too
2017 05 26 NYT Did the Turkish President’s Security Detail Attack Protesters in Washington? What the Video Shows
2017 05 23 Huffington Post Turkey’s Influence Peddling
2017 05 19 Washington Post Was Erdogan personally involved in his bodyguards’ attacks on protesters in D.C.?
2017 05 17 NYT Erdogan Security Forces Launch ‘Brutal Attack’ on Washington Protesters, Officials Say
2017 05 16 Ballast Rojava : des révolutionnaires ou des pions de l’Empire ?
2017 05 16 al Monitor DC think tank accused of bending over backwards for Erdogan
2017 05 14 ANF Turkish state continues to build walls around itself
2017 05 13 ANF Underlying reasons for Erdoğan-Masrour Barzani meeting in the US
2017 05 13 Kurdistan24 PYD Co-President : ‘US arming Syrian Kurds shattered Turkey’s Ottoman Empire ambitions’
2017 05 12 Foreign Policy The United States and Turkey Are on a Collision Course in Syria
2017 05 12 ANF Germany hides Turkish intelligence MİT’s assassination list
2017 05 11 ANF Hasankeyf’s Zeynel Bey Tomb to be relocated tomorrow
2017 05 11 NYT Once We Beat ISIS, Don’t Abandon Us
2016 09 27 MEE Hasankeyf, la ville de 12 000 ans que la Turquie veut engloutir
2017 05 10 MEE Anarchy in the YPG: Foreign volunteers vow Turkish ‘revolution’
2017 05 10 AraNews Pro-PKK group in Sinjar rejects PKK exit, demands Peshmerga withdrawal from Yezidi region
2017 05 09 Washington Post In blow to U.S.-Turkey ties, Trump administration approves plan to arm Syrian Kurds against Islamic State
2017 05 09 ANF French President Hollande meets with PYD Co-president Moslem
Moslem tells details of the meeting with Hollande
PKK’s Duran Kalkan: A KDP fixed to Turkey can’t exist
2017 05 09 KomNews Erdogan ‘won’ his referendum, but what does that mean for Turkey’s foreign policy?
2017 05 08 AraNews Russia pushing Turkey into Rojava to force Kurds submit to Assad rule: PKK official
2017 05 06 KomNews Trump will go ahead with Kurds in Raqqa, US officials say
War in Syria and Iraq could spread to Iran: PKK foreign relations head
2017 05 05 KomNews Imprisoned opposition leader signals new alliances in post-referendum Turkey
Kurdish PYD rejects de-escalation zones in Syria
2017 05 05 AraNews US-led coalition confirms deployment of troops to prevent clashes between Kurds and Turkey
2017 05 05 ANF IHD reports 7,907 rights violations in Kurdish region in 3 months
2017 05 05 HDP Emergency Decree Purges in Post-Referendum Turkey
2017 05 04 Financial Times Erdogan’s blacklist – Voices of Turkey’s purge
2017 05 04 ANF Journalist Demiralp: Eutelsat officials could be put on trial
2017 05 03 KomNews Kurds’ relations with Russia and US based on ‘mutual interests’, not set in stone, says PKK figure
2017 05 03 Al Monitor More Kurds forced out of ancient Sur in southeast Turkey
2017 05 02 Al Monitor Three reasons Turkey bombed Syria and Iraq

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