Articles intéressants sur la situation au Kurdistan

Quelques liens vers des articles ou infographies intéressants sur la situation du Kurdistan dans ses 4 parties. Ils ne reflètent pas nécessairement la position des AKB.

2016 10 26Turkey attacking Syrian Kurds to prevent Raqqa recapture, PYD says
2016 10 19Turquie: “La stratégie d’Erdogan est moins islamiste qu’ultra-nationaliste”
2016 10 19What happened in Northern Kurdistan in 9 months?
2016 10 14The Mosul operation and the latest situation in the region
2016 10 14The Rojava Model
2016 10 14In the shadow of Isis: a photo essay on northern Iraq
2016 10 13Dutch journalist spends five months in Rojava, says YPG and PKK are separate but closely linked
2016 10 12Le nationalisme turc et l’invention de l’histoire – Partie 1
2016 10 09      
2016 10 05Who Will Take al-Bab?
2016 10 04Did Turkey abandon Aleppo to fight Syrian Kurds?
2016 10 01Democratic Syria Assembly’s foundations laid in Rimêlan
2016 09 30GÖÇ-DER releases report on Sur destroyed by the state
2016 09 30TURQUIE – De l’allié docile au « free rider » imprévisible et provocant
2016 09 29Details of Öcalan’s September 11 meeting with his brother on İmralı
2016 09 29Images from the life of Şırnak people in tents
2016 09 28An Anarchist Perspective on Rojava’s Coops and Communes
2016 09 25Barzani suggests deadlock can end with division of posts in Iraqi Kurdistan
2016 09 16FSA on the outside, ISIS on the inside
2016 09 16High-level Turkish whistleblower reveals state sponsorship of ISIS
2016 09 16Whistleblower exposes how NATO’s leading ally is arming and funding ISIS
2016 09 15KCK’s Bayık: Peace and solution only possible through struggle
2016 09 14Kalkan: Peoples and democracy forces must protect their will
2016 09 14Kurds reject Syrian opposition’s transition plan
2016 09 06PKK co-leader Cemil Bayik: ‘What are we supposed to do? Surrender? Never.’
2016 09 01‘People’s Democracy Front’ declared in South Kurdistan
2016 08 282016 07 29Hamit Bozarslan : «Daech a été un choc refondateur pour le mouvement kurde»
2016 07 28Kurdish Joint Diplomacy Committee appeals to EU officials on Öcalan
2016 08 26Dissecting the YPG: Operations and Strategies as the Defender of Rojava
2016 07 26Balance sheet of war for one year: 2982 soldiers and police officers killed
2016 07 22Bayık: Erdoğan started the coup process with the isolation of Öcalan
PKK: Democracy bloc must be formed in Turkey immediately
Post-Putsch Narratives and Turkey’s Curious Coup
2016 07 21Erdogan installe sa « démocrature » en Turquie
At least 1,700 people killed since end of Kurdish peace process in Turkey: Crisis Group
2016 07 20Coup Against Coup: Selahattin Demirtaş
2016 07 20Turquie : les enjeux de «l’après-coup d’Etat»
Quelques remarques après le coup d’état manqué de la nuit du 15 au 16 juillet 2016. Un coup d’état hors-sol ?
2016 07 19Erdogan government trying to dilute Kurdish presence by settling Syrian refugees in southeastern Turkey: expert
2016 07 16Turkey’s Coup That Wasn’t
2016 07 16KCK statement on the coup attempt in Turkey
2016 07 12Kalkan: Turkish state has never been weaker in the face of the Kurds
2016 07 12ISIS confessor: Turkey’s passage ways always open for us – PART II
2016 07 11ISIS confessor:Erdoğan supports us because he is against Kurds –PART I
2016 07 10Counter-guerilla network of MİT and KDP exposed in South Kurdistan
2016 07 08Number of prisoners in Turkey doubles the 12 September coup period 
2016 07La sale guerre du président Erdoğan
2016 06 30Russian officials meet Syrian Kurdish blocs in Moscow after improvement of relations with Turkey
2016 06 30Report on Clashes between PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces and Iran’s IRGC
2016 06 25
2016 06 25Karayılan: We are in a process of creating free Kurdistan
2016 06 23Joint Defense Statement of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MPs
2016 06 20Göç-Der: One million displaced during recent attacks in Kurdish region
2016 06 16Fear and Loathing in the Levant: Turkey Changes its Syria Policy and Strategy
2016 06 15How Do You Solve a Problem Like Erdogan?
2016 06 13Bayık: We no longer fight like we used to, everyone will see this
2016 06 12Will Iraqi-Kurdish conflict break out in Ninevah?
2016 06 09Bayık: Erdoğan is bringing himself and Turkey to an end
2016 06 06La montée en puissance des ultra-nationalistes turcs
2016 05 31Political and military factions in Kurdistan – May 2016
Le Kurdistan irakien, en marche vers l’indépendance
Silence européen sur le martyre des Kurdes de Turquie
Federalism! Solution or Division?
Kurds of Turkey – Interview: “The political solution is over!”
Interview exclusive – La rocambolesque aventure d’un milicien volontaire français
2016 05 28PYD leader: SDF operation for Raqqa countryside in progress, Syria can only be secular
2016 05 28US: We will back Kurdish YPG forces despite Turkey’s concerns
2016 05 25Raqqa Operation and the new strategic period – Analysis
2016 05 25Syrie, une guerre confessionnelle sans confessions
2016 05 24Towards the finalization of the Federation’s social contract
2016 05 22About the genocidal politics of the Turkish state against the Kurds, the guerrilla’s resistance, and Europe’s role: An interview with Bese Hozat
2016 05 20Full text of Gorran-PUK agreement, Iraqi Kurdistan
2016 05 19La vieille ville de Diyarbakir broyée et remodelée par la guerre
Sur and its memory is being destroyed
2016 05 16From Fascist to anti-militarist: An interview with a Turkish ex-soldier
2016 05 14Après les combats, la gentrification
2016 05 14PKK voided the Sykes Picot Agreement a quarter of a century ago
2016 05 09
2016 05 03HPG releases balance sheet of war for the past 4 months
2016 04 25The human cost of the PKK conflict in Turkey
2016 04 14Turkey: security trumping human rights, free expression under threat
2016 04 13Mission Impossible? Triangulating U.S.-Turkish Relations with Syria’s Kurds
2016 04 04Quand Vladimir Poutine est le mieux placé pour jouer la carte kurde syrienne
2016 04 01ISLAM – Interview (première partie) – La parole est aux Salafistes !
ISLAM – Interview (deuxième partie) – La parole est aux Salafistes !
2015 12 21Damas : l’heure de la recomposition
2015 12 11Turkish Grey Wolves: Forgotten Story of Cold War-Era Paramilitary Group
2015 12 05The Esedullah Team And The History Of State-Directed Mass Violence In Kurdistan
2015 11 20IHD: 617 children died in Turkey in 11 months
2015 11 03Mission d’observation des élections du 1er novembre 2015 à Istanbul (Turquie)
2015 10 11Facteurs tribaux dans les dynamiques du contrôle territorial de l’Etat islamique (3/4) – Processus de conquête de l’Etat islamique
Facteurs tribaux dans les dynamiques du contrôle territorial de l’Etat islamique (2/4) – Révolution syrienne et l’effondrement sunnite en Irak
Facteurs tribaux dans les dynamiques du contrôle territorial de l’Etat islamique (1/4) – Un retour dans l’histoire tribale
2015 09 18

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