Novembre 2016 : articles intéressants sur la situation au Kurdistan

Quelques liens vers des articles ou infographies intéressants sur la situation du Kurdistan dans ses 4 parties. Ils ne reflètent pas nécessairement la position des AKB.

2016 12 30 Co-mayors of municipalities in Amed: We are determined to the end
2016 11 29 How Ankara plans to manage Kurds’ religious affairs
2016 11 29 46 DBP Co-Mayors arrested so far
2016 11 23 Ankara intensifies strikes against YPG, moves to arrest PYD leader
2016 11 23 One year later: Tahir Elçi is still there
2016 11 22 Status of the Syrian Rebellion: Numbers, Ideologies, and Prospects
2016 11 22 Witness to Elçi murder, YPS member Yakışır speaks of an assassin
2016 11 21 Trump’s National Security Adviser Changed His Mind About Turkey Coup Attempt After His Firm Got Involved
2016 11 21 Turkish attacks on Rojava over the border increase 7 fold in one year
2016 11 21 Alevis in Turkey: A History of Persecution
2016 11 20
2016 11 18 Turkish military officers at NATO seeking asylum in Europe: Stoltenberg
2016 11 15 Sultan’s wolf cubs: MİT members in Shehba
Captured ISIS member: Turkey and ISIS made an agreement
2016 11 11 Erdoğan Strikes Turkey’s Last Opposition
2016 11 11 Donald Trump Likely to End Aid for Rebels Fighting Syrian Government
2016 11 05 HPG releases balance sheet of war for three months

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