Mars/avril 2017 : articles intéressants sur la situation au Kurdistan

Quelques liens vers des articles ou infographies intéressants sur la situation du Kurdistan dans ses 4 parties. Ils ne reflètent pas nécessairement la position des AKB.

2017 04 30AraNewsUS-led coalition disagrees with Turkey over YPG-PKK ties
Russia shows more support for Syrian Kurds after Turkish airstrikes
2017 04 29Washington PostTensions rise between Turkey, US along Syrian border
2017 04 29KomNewsTurkey can still join EU: Mogherini
2017 04 29AraNewsTurkey attacks Rojava to impede anti-ISIS operations in Raqqa: Western SDF volunteer
2017 04 28ANF11 HDP deputies and over 80 mayors still behind bars
2017 04 28LibérationLe sacre raté d’Erdogan
2017 04 28Washington PostWe’re America’s best friend in Syria. Turkey bombed us anyway
2017 04 25ANFYBŞ/YJŞ: We will use our right to defense against attacks
2017 04 22SujînOSCE issues its preliminary report on the referendum
2017 04 21The AtlanticWhat Turkey’s Election Observers Saw
2017 04 21Şervane Azad
2017 04 20Stockholm Center for FreedomUnited Nations Was Abused In Turkey’s Crackdown On NGOs
2017 04 20Foreign PolicyIt’s Time for Erdogan to Admit He’s Not a Democrat
2017 04 18ANFOSCE member: There are 2,5 million dubious votes
2017 04 18NYTVideos Fuel Charges of Fraud in Erdogan’s Win in Turkey Referendum
2017 04 17Al MonitorTurkey’s security sector becomes latest arena of Islamism debate
2017 04 17Erik MeyerssonThe Curious Case of the Vanishing Never-AKPers in Southeastern Turkey
2017 04 17Washington PostWhy Turkish opposition parties are contesting the referendum results
2017 04 17New YorkerTurkey’s Vote Makes Erdoğan Effectively a Dictator
2017 04 17Huffington Post“Massive Electoral Fraud” in Turkey’s Referendum
2017 04 17OSCELack of equal opportunities, one-sided media coverage and limitations on fundamental freedoms created unlevel playing field in Turkey’s constitutional referendum, international observers say
2017 04 16Foreign PolicyRIP Turkey, 1921 – 2017
2017 04 15KomNewsErdogan: The ambitious sultan
2017 04 15Foreign PolicyErdogan Goes for the Death Blow Against Turkey’s Bureaucracy
2017 04 15ANFBahoz Erdal: Our comrades entered their lair and struck them
2017 04 15ANFKCK’s Hozat: AKP-MHP coalition waging genocide against the Kurds
2017 04 14Le MondeCan Dündar, opposant turc : « France, pourquoi n’entendons-nous pas ta voix ? »
2017 04 14ANFKarayılan calls on Kurds to support hunger strikes and vote ‘No’
2017 04 14The ConversationWill Turkey’s referendum mark the end of democracy and the birth of ‘Erdoganistan’?
2017 04 13NYTInside Turkey’s Purge
2017 04 13KomNews
2017 04 12RSFRSF/Référendum en Turquie : l’extinction du pluralisme ouvre un boulevard à Erdoğan
2017 04 12TurkishpediaIs Erdogan’s secret army really that secret?
2017 04 12Orient XXICarnet de voyage à travers le Kurdistan de Turquie
2017 04 12Şervane Azad
2017 04 12BylineWhy the Yezidis of Iraq are still not safe
2017 04 11Washington PostTurkey will never be the same after this vote
2017 04 10ANFSancar: The power balance will be reshaped after the referendum
2017 04 10ANFEverything in Ceylanpınar case is a lie: Fingerprints don’t match
2017 04 10ANFKCK’s Bayık: Turkey is using the most lethal methods in this war
2017 04 10AFPAllemagne: 200 volontaires partis depuis 2013 combattre le groupe EI
2017 04 09ANFTabqa Dam: The key to capturing Raqqa
2017 04 07KomNewsAll groups in Syria with chemical weapons should be targeted: PYD co-leader
2017 04 07L’ObsComment le parti d’Erdogan s’infiltre en France
2017 04 06KomNewsTurkey gearing up for military incursions into Iraq and Syria
2017 04 06KomNews‘Turkish government not a friend of Kurds,’ PKK commander warns KDP on Kirkuk
2017 04 04HDPCourage is Contagious
2017 04 04ANFPKK’s Karayılan: AKP wants to enter Kirkuk
2017 04 04HRWQuestions and Answers: Turkey’s Constitutional Referendum
2017 04 03ANFYPG releases balance sheet of war for the month of March
2017 04 03NYMagThe Dirtbag Left’s Man in Syria
2017 03 31The Turkey analystTicking Clocks: Erdoğan and Turkey’s Constitutional Referendum
2017 03 31KomNewsEuphrates Shield Operation: ‘Successfully completed’ or abruptly halted?
2017 03 29KomNewsUS Gen. Townsend rebuffs Turkish reporter with ‘political agenda’ against SDF
2017 03 29Foreign PolicyTurkey Is a Dictatorship Masquerading as a NATO Democracy
2017 03 29ANFMichael Rubin: Erdoğan has become a dangerous joke
2017 03 28al MonitorIs Manbij the latest Kurdish poke in Erdogan’s eye?
2017 03 27ANFPYD’s Muslim: The US and Russia may tell Turkey to ‘get out of Syria’
2017 04 26Turkishpedia
2017 03 23-25EKurd Daily138 Kurds executed by Iran during one year period: activists
2017 03 23-25CMOTURKEY – Dictatorial Democracy or Democratic Dictatorship
2017 03 23-25ANFBayık: If SDF liberates Raqqa, Turkey’s influence will wane – PART I
KCK’s Bayık: Turkey has lost in Syria – PART II
Bayık: With the spirit of Newroz, we will definitely win – PART III
2017 03 24The New YorkerA Last Chance for Turkish Democracy
2017 03 24al MonitorIs Turkey rattled by Russian-Kurdish deal?
2017 03 22Autre FuturRojava et Chiapas, deux lueurs d’émancipation dans un monde halluciné
2017 03 22VoARussia Deals Major Blow to Turkey’s Syria Policy
2017 03 22Wall Street JournalThe Cult of Erdogan Won’t Guarantee Victory in Turkey Vote
2017 03 21ANFNewroz Message from HDP Co-chairs: We will definitely win
2017 03 21KurdishQuestion
2017 03 20HDPHRW: MPs Jailed, Elected Mayors Removed Ahead of Referendum
2017 03 18GerillaTV
2017 03 17AraNewsUS continues to work with Kurdish YPG in Syria despite Turkey’s concerns
2017 03 16KomNewsRaqqa operation: US confirms Kurdish participation, ‘erratic’ Turkey harmful
‘Turkish intelligence chief met with Barzani, discussed PKK’
2017 03 15KomNewsdutchtension2-copy-1.jpg
2017 03 15CMOKURDISTAN (Syrie) – Femmes et démocratie, la double révolution du Rojava
2017 03 15Le MondeKendal Nezan : « Le Kurdistan turc se retrouve sous un régime d’occupation militaire brutale »
2017 03 15KomNewsSyria and Islamist groups guilty of war crimes, YPG cleared: UN report
2017 03 15AMNAMN Interview With The Kurdish YPG’s 2nd Highest Official, Redur Khalil & His Message To President Trump
2017 03 15Ouest-FranceTurquie. Erdogan veut faire sauter les freins à son projet d’islamisation
2017 03 15Raphaël LebrujahSyrie/Rojava : de Manbij au Shengal, analyse de la situation
2017 03 11ANFEuropean Union suspends support programmes for Turkey
2017 03 11KomNewsThe folly of referendum: ‘it will be over soon’
2017 03 10AraNewsTop commander signals larger, longer US presence in Syria
2017 03 10AraNewsTurkey losing momentum in northern Syria as US provides more support to Kurds
2017 03 10KomNewsSyria’s Kurds have ended up at the heart of Middle Eastern geopolitics – here’s why
2017 03 10Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human RightsReport on the human rights situation in South-East Turkey
2017 03 10Human Rights CouncilHuman rights abuses and international humanitarian law violations in the Syrian Arab Republic, 21 July 2016- 28 February 2017
2017 03 09KurdishQuestionUntil the last drop of our blood: Shingal and the future of Kurdistan
2017 03 09ANFYBŞ Commander: We will never allow another massacre of Êzîdîs
2017 03 07War is BoringFearing Destitution and Death, Turkey’s Kurds Plead With Lawless Courts
2017 03 07Al MonitorHow deep is Turkey’s Sinjar entanglement?
2017 03 07AraNewsTurkey angered by Pentagon’s support for Syrian Kurds
2017 03 07ReutersU.S. appears to root for Kurdish support in Raqqa push -Turkish sources
2017 03 07ANF20 seconds in Shengal that will go down in history
2017 03 06Al MonitorTurkish government outsources urban security
2017 03 05ANFYPG: Turkish army attacked Rojava land 89 times in two months
2017 03 05Washington PostPentagon plan to seize Raqqa calls for significant increase in U.S. participation
2017 03 05KomNewsPentagon plan for Raqqa proposes increasing support for SDF, shuts door on Turkey
2017 03 04ANFMMC Spokesperson: We will protect our people and land against attacks
2017 03 04KomNews‘Syrian Arab Coalition now majority group in SDF’
2017 03 02KomNewsUS Gen. Townsend: YPG not a threat to Turkey
2017 03 01Joey L.Welcome to Raqqa
2017 03 01KomNews‘IS attacking from south, Euphrates Shield from west’, Manbij Military Council tells Kom News
Turkey’s Manbij move ‘could have impact’ on Raqqa campaign: US commander

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